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Below is a list of my favorite hikes that can be found on this website.  There is no attempt to be diverse in terms of geography, length, difficulty, type of terrain, transportation options or the like.  It is simply a non-rank ordered (randomly ordered that is) listing of hikes that I personally like and is subject to change.
Appalachian Trail near Pawling, NY: Bucolic hike in a rural setting with great views, a really big oak tree and a nice lake.
- Dover Oak & Nuclear Lake
- West Mountain & Nuclear Lake (Pawling, NY)

Lake Skenoto: A moderate hike with a great lunch spot by a lake
- Johnsontown Road - Lakes Skenonto & Sebago
- Lake Skenonto Circular (same lake as above for lunch but a more challenging hike)

Delaware Water Gap: Nice lake and a really top notch view from Mt. Tammany
- Delaware Water Gap - Sunfish Pond

Bear Mountain: A good workout and a great set of views (can be a little crowded)
- Bear Mountain

Breakneck Ridge: A very memorable and challenging climb with great views (if you're not scared of heights then you must try this at least once)
- Breakneck Ridge & Sugarloaf Mountain
- Breakneck Ridge, Sunset Point & Sugarloaf Mountain

Schunemunk Mountain: Great views and typically less crowded than Harriman based hikes.
- Schunemunk Mountain
- Schunemunk Mountain: The Megaliths

Popolopen Torne: Great views with a memorable cairn on top (and sometimes with free sound effects).
- Popolopen Torne

Palisades Interstate Park: Very close to NYC
- Palisades Interstate Park: Northern Section
- Palisades Interstate Park: Giant Stairs

The Timp: Great views and a good workout.
- Dunderberg (and Bald) Mountain and the Timp

Others to consider:
- Anthony's Nose - great views
- Jackie Jones Fire Tower - great view from the tower
- Jackie Jones Mountain - great view from the tower
- Macedonia Brook State Park - great view from the top and near a cute new England town (Kent, CT).
- Southern Storm King State Park - great views of the Hudson River
- Storm King Mountain - great view of the Hudson River (also not too far by car from Storm King Art Center)
- West Mountain Ridge - many great views and one of the easier hikes on this website.

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